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2016 Annual Conference Logo

By Christina Dillabough

Did you know that green is considered the color of life, harmony, renewal, nature, and energy? You probably knew that it’s associated with economics and being environmentally conscious. But did you know that green and plants are also linked to the idea of God’s word and it’s restorative nature? Even though the words of Jesus are written in red in the bible, Jesus referred to himself as a green wood full of the sap of God’s word when he spoke of His crucifixion and suffering: “For if they do these things in the green wood, what will be done in the dry?” Luke 23:31

I’m delighted to share with you that our 2016 Annual Conference theme selected by our Bishop is “infuse,” with scripture from John 15:5, “I AM THE VINE, YOU ARE THE BRANCHES.”

2016 AC LogoThe logo is a gradient green that begins with a rich green leaf color, similar to that of our mighty saguaro and pine trees which are prevalent in various parts of the Desert Southwest. The bottom deep green color sprouts up into a vibrant, new-leaf green. The line coursing through the word represents the Vine. The leaf dotting the “i” represents a new community of faith with red in the center because scripture is the central part of a new community of faith. In this logo, we are infused. We are the branches.

Does this sound confusing or exciting to you? Our bishop has an inspired message to share at this year’s Annual Conference. Come, and experience it for yourself!

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