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Back to school and church

Traffic is getting busier, and monsoon season is upon us. It’s that glorious time of year when schedules and routines will once again reign supreme! Similar to New Year’s Eve, often this is when families and young adults are making personal commitments to be a better version of themselves. This year I’m going to study more. This year I’ll spend more time volunteering and/or getting to know the teacher(s). This year will be my time to shine. Sound familiar? What about church?

Is this an opportunity to share news about a new sermon series or small group? Sure-especially if its something that has been designed specifically for the young person or family. Ensure that all your publicity is focused on the church’s greater purpose. The sermon series or small group is just one way that its fulfilling that purpose. Although people love me time, we also long for togetherness and being a part of something greater than ourselves. So be intentional and share that message of who you are and what you believe in all that you do and say on behalf of the church. Get the right message out there, and suddenly church is on the radar again.

How can churches get their message of values and a higher purpose in the forefront of the students and parents? Here are three FREE advertising resources for your church to be a part of the back to school routine that families are longing for.


UMC Communications recently published a free, no strings attached resource for UMC churches. Here’s what they shared:

Screen Image from ChurchButller websiteCan you believe summer is almost over? It’s hard to believe we’re transitioning from pools, picnics and BBQs to pencils, soccer practices and homework.

I want to let you know about a bundle of FREE social media graphics from Church Butler.

You want your church to be in the minds of people as they shift from their summer to fall routines. One of the best ways is through social media and meaningful, engaging content.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Church Butler to create back-to-school social quote cards that you can use right now as you gear up for fall. These images are unbranded, so you can add your church’s logo — or post them as-is. It’s up to you! Plus, they’re already optimized to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

To take advantage of this FREE offer (no credit card required, no trials, etc), click below to claim your kit. I hope you enjoy this resource!

Click here to download


Working on a more complex marketing plan for your church? Could you use a little economic boost to fund your project? Apply for a digital marketing grant or outreach grant today! Click here to get started.


This resource has proven to be very successful year-round. Check out and make sure your church information is current and accurate. If not, ask your authorized church profile administrator (probably the church secretary or pastor) to update the information. Here’s how they can do it:


Use these brief instructions for updating your Find-A-Church profile. Short tutorial videos will walk you through each section:  Click here to get started.

  • On your church profile, click “Update Church Information” in the red bar at the bottom.
  • Enter your contact information and you’ll be directed to the update form.
  • Click on each of the sections in the left sidebar to make changes or additions to those areas.
    • Church Details: Update email address, website, location and mailing addresses
    • Welcome:  Adjust the map, attendance, and add personalized messages
    • Events & Ministries:  Add Worship times and any other ministries your church offers
    • Social Media: Add your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Clergy: Update clergy information

Click Submit at the bottom of each page where you make changes before moving to another section. The changes will appear live on your profile within the next day or two. You’ll receive an email when the changes are published. The church profile administrator can email  if he/she needs help or is experiencing trouble logging in.

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