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Boulder City UMC Charter

By Jean Haag


Photo courtesy of Boulder City UMCWhat a service to remember at St. Jude’s on Sunday, February 28, 2016, with a chapel full to the brim and overflowing with worshipers and friends. Our Desert Southwest Conference Bishop, Bob Hoshibata, presided, our North District Superintendent Dan Morley assisted, and Director of New and Vital Faith Communities Dave McPherson from Phoenix was also in attendance.  How gratifying to see how far we have come in the past 16 years, with many founding members in attendance, and Brian Fox reminding us of the efforts by all to reach our goal, especially with the help of the congregation of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church.

Bishop Bob mentioned that in his time as a pastor, then as a district superintendent, and now as a bishop, this was the first time he was able to preside over the chartering of a new church.  He was as excited as we were!  In his sermon, he highlighted the importance of our chartering as being a new beginning to continue to serve our community and our world.  He reminded us that our church is a ‘boulder’ for Jesus Christ.  Our faith in Jesus Christ is a firm foundation on which to base our new church. God will be with us to weather the challenges we will face. He warned of four dangers:

  1. becoming an institution which cares not for the people outside of our doors;
  2. focusing on the past, the way we’ve done things before;
  3. of being afraid of failure; we need to try new ways to take the ‘church’ to the hurting people outside;
  4. losing sight of our cornerstone, Jesus Christ, who must remain the center of all that we do.

To increase the joy of the day, we welcomed new members Jack and Darlene Medina, Kay Benge, Erin Jones, Cory Jones, Sharon Wright, Judy Manlove and Frank and Carol Hunter.

Photo courtesy of Boulder City UMCWith thanksgiving our new ‘church’ was “constituted and organized for the glory of God, the proclamation of the Gospel, and the service of humanity.” Bishop Bob and Dave McPherson unexpectedly presented our church with a gift of $50,000, to be used in ministry for the growing of God’s church and His kingdom.

At the end of our service, everyone enjoyed a luncheon provided by our Women’s Group and others, in the large Paulson Hall building and the lovely patio area outside. It was indeed, a very special day to remember in the life of our fellowship.

Editor’s Note: Rev. Sandy Johnson is the pastor of Boulder UMC. To find out more about this church visit

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