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Knowledge database for churches

Is your church thinking about adding or upgrading their audio or visual equipment? Does your church have a recommendation from a recent audio or visual equipment purchase and installation? How can churches get and offer the information quickly and easily to each other? This is a common dilemma for which there is a simple and long overdue solution.

Photo - Paul Browning

Paul Browning demos his church’s free directory app. photo by Christina Dillabough

The Desert Southwest Conference has been in existence for over 30 years. Some churches have found great benefit in sticking with certain software or tech companies. While others have gone through trials and tribulations to find the best fit for their church needs. There is a wealth of experience and information in our churches and fellowships. What would happen if we pooled that information and made it accessible to all churches in the Desert Southwest Conference?

Together, we can create a database filled with company and software recommendations based on our first-hand experiences. Would your church find value in that, versus a simple google search of top rated xyz for churches? Are you willing to take a moment now, and share what you know? If you’ve had a great or even  bad experience with a particular company or software for any church needs, please add your experience/recommendations to the Church Database Survey. Below, is a list of some of the items we’re thinking of but please add other items you think are important in the survey.

  • Church database software
  • Worship presentation software
  • Church App
  • Directory App
  • Nursery check in software/equipment
  • Online giving
  • Podcasting
  • Video streaming
  • Using non-profit discount for Microsoft Office 365

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